Klezmer Series for Band

You can hear klezmer music at Lincoln Center, the Hollywood Bowl, on street corners, in clubs, at weddings, on the radio, in movies…it is no longer a revival but a full fledged musical genre. What’s intriguing about the sound is its distinct Eastern European mode:
klez scale
over an irresistible, frenzied dance groove that possesses a dual.personality…
it is at once a square, duple BOOM, CHUCK, BOOM, CHUCK” thing…
 over a breathless, syncopated 3 - 3 - 2 pattern:

klez rhy sect excerpt

We have two concert band arrangements in this style. They were originally intended for a 7th..9th grade band, though they have been performed by high school and adult bands (as well as 6th graders). Honga! is a lively, up-tempo dance; and The Mazeltov March is a more moderately tempoed Chassidic.parade!
There are solis for every section.
There is flexible instrumentation:
Tenor Sax may substitute for or supplant the
A functional bass part is provided, written in unison for bass clarinet, baritone sax, tuba and string bass; and 8va for bassoon, baritone and
There is a piano part which has mostly the
BOOM, CHUCK, BOOM, CHUCK” thing... midi keyboards can add a lot by using an accordion patch in the right hand and an acoustic bass patch in the.left.
There are two alto sax parts; the oboe, tenor sax, french horn, wood block and piano parts are optional; the 2
nd clarinet, 2nd alto sax and 2nd trumpet parts may also be.eliminated.
Extra percussionists can double parts and the oboe part will work on mallet percussion
A full score is provided and one copy of each part is printed on high quality card stock. Copy as many parts as you need for the band room and for practice at
Please download samples of these arrangements: .pdf.@124K
You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. This is an excellent free utility for opening and printing PDF files regardless of the computer or platform you use…and it’s easy to download from Adobe if you don’t already have.it.
We also have a klez brass quintet that would be appropriate for high school level and above, plus…a version of Honga! using the All Instruments Are Created Equal concept: everybody learns every part…you make up the arrangement (who plays what where). Soon all these things and more will appear on this page…for now, please send us an e-mail if you want more info on these items: mail@hamiltunes.org


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